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Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 7th March 2014

Dr James Le Fanu pic: PHILIP HOLLIS

Welcome to the latest online clinic for 2014 with the usual mixture of the
intriguing and instructive.

beloved medico James

1 was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s Disease in 2000. l had a severe schurman
kyphosis ( 96°) Scheuermann’s Disease, the curve was very painful. equally the
curve was very clay, l was advised that pressure was impairing my heart and
lung function and needed anterior and prat spinal surgery through with(p) my
chest, left side and in answer. 1 underwent an 18.five hour surgery wherever four
titanium rods were inserted to overstretch the prickle straight and hold it there,
and a screwed fusion through with(p) to join the bones together to life the prickle
straight. It is a complex operation and l deliver 40% paralysis from T4 downwards.
For these reasons, it is not through with(p) very often and the choice needs to be
made very carefully. But, l was advised that l would probably die within
hexad to 12 months, but granted only a 50% gamble of surviving the surgery equally my
age was 48, which made me the oldest patient to be subjected to this type of

in improver to paralysis, l deliver chronic pain, due to the severe boldness
hurt and or a CVA during the surgery. l now take Tramadol 100SR x deuce,
Oxycontin 20mg x deuce and OxyNorm for breakthrough pain management, l also
take a Statin, Omeprazole and Zomig. Is this perilous?

plume reciprocal ohm

beloved plume reciprocal ohm,

Thanks for being in touch and your account of the devastating effect of this
illness and the heroic surgical procedure to right it. 1 would deliver not
deliver that the medicines you are taking to minimise the pain due to boldness
hurt are ‘perilous’. 1 do, but, wonder whether the statins that are
fountainhead known to cause musculoskeletal pains are essential.


beloved Dr Le Fanu,

1 should be grateful for any advice on curing (not simply relieving)
flatulence, from which 1’ve suffered for nearly two age, after
(successful) actinotherapy for prostate malignant neoplastic disease.

1 was also left with bleeding blood vessels (radiation proctitis) which
deliver not been really eliminated. The combination is unpleasant!

No nurse, medico or specialist has been able to jot a cure for my
flatulence. can you or any reader help?

thank you,


beloved thou H J,

Thanks for your query. 1 note from an brilliant review of the gut symptoms
pursuit actinotherapy for prostate malignant neoplastic disease that ‘disturbing’ flatulence in
surprisingly frequent (J Andreyev, Lancet Oncology 2007, vol 8, pp 1007-17)
-though why this should be so is not {{cleared|{{enlighten|{shed light, Dr Le Fanu's online health clinic, Friday 7th March 2014 , Read more ...,

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